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  • Well-targeted ads can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Advertising allows customers to see what’s available, what features they have, and what the average price of a product or service might be.

For the advertiser, a good advertising campaign can:

  • Build brand awareness.

  • Improve the brand’s image.

  • Help their products stand out.

  • Increase goodwill.

  • And much more.


Advertise with us

Fees for advertising here

                      Full Page        Half page       Quarter Page     Eighth page

12 months      £220               £120              £65                     £35

  6 months      £120               £65                £35                     £20

  3 months      £60                 £30                £20                     £15

  1 month        £20                 £15                            



If you want help with your advert, please contact Liz on or 01258 857528. 

poster star windows.jpg

Deadline for adverts is the 12th of the month.

Adverts in the printed copy appear in black and white but can be in colour in the online copy.

If you wish to appear on the front page as advert of the month, please contact Liz on either or 01258 857528

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